Privacy Policy


LoanKin, Inc. is committed to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of our customers’ information. When we collect information, we protect and preserve its integrity. Whenever we make use of our customer’s information, we utilize it with discretion and solely for lawful purposes. Keeping our commitment to protect your private information is an important obligation to us. LoanKin is a business built upon trust. We earn your confidence when we hold true to our commitments by keeping your private data safe, secure, and confidential. We recognize that you have entrusted us with sensitive personal and financial data and special care in protecting it.

The current standards for businesses that collect personally identifiable information fall into four main categories:

  • Notice: disclosure of the company’s privacy policies;
  • Choice: options and a voice about how one’s personal information is stored and used;
  • Access: your individual right to review, correct and contest data; and
  • Security: commitment to and assurances by the business that reasonable steps are taken to safeguard the information people have disclosed.


We will provide you with a copy of our current Privacy Policy annually and if we revise our policy, we will provide you with an updated policy before any such disclosure is made. We will always keep the most current LoanKin’s Privacy Policy available on our web-site, If you want further information at any time, you can also contact us at or by submitting an inquiry on our website.


If you want to make a change in how your information is employed and retained by LoanKin, let us know. Log on to our secure website or contact us at, and we’ll make the changes you request.


Can’t remember what information you’ve provided to us? Want to supplement, update, or clarify your data? If so, send an inquiry to or log on to our secure website, which is the best and safest way to alert us of any potential discrepancy.


Periodically revisit our privacy pages. Keep informed about how LoanKin stays current with the latest technological advances designed to preserve confidential information. LoanKin conducts business in accordance with the laws and regulations relating to our services, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLB”). Under Title V of the GLB, an individual’s nonpublic personal information (“NPPI”) is afforded certain legal protections.

Who Is Protected?

Applicable laws draw a distinction between a “consumer” and a “customer.” The rules emphasize individuals’ privacy, rather than information pertaining to businesses or other entities. Generally, if you are an individual visiting our website then your privacy is protected under the status of a consumer. A specific type of consumer is a “customer.” A customer is a person with who has a relationship with us (i.e. a Member).

If you register as a Member of LoanKin, you are, by definition, a customer. If you request information from us or use our website to create a loan proposal for a friend or family member to review, then you may be entitled to protections as a “customer” even though you’re not yet obligated to create the proposed loan or in any way committed to a further relationship with LoanKin. LoanKin will treat the information volunteered to us with utmost discretion. Our active customers, for example, can expect secure information storage and even annual notices regarding LoanKin’s Privacy Policy and the status of their information. As for those people who aren’t full-fledged LoanKin customers, we will not share collected information except as permitted by law. Even after a relationship with LoanKin ends, LoanKin’s duties and commitment to its Clients continue. LoanKin will continue to treat your information as though you actively remain our customer. LoanKin will abide by applicable record retention and privacy rules even after the loan has been repaid or otherwise has come to a close. At all times, LoanKin will furnish pertinent information where compelled or in order to comply with relevant law, in response to a subpoena, court order and other judicial processes, or as required by competent regulatory authorities.

Updates To Privacy Policy.

The version of the LoanKin Privacy Policy posted online and related web pages supersedes all previously posted or issued versions of same as of the date specified. LoanKin reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Visitors to and users of the LoanKin website are invited to return to the Privacy Policy and related pages periodically to check for revisions. Customers and others having pertinent relationships with LoanKin may also be notified of changes to this policy by additional means including, but not limited to, e-mails, letters and telephone calls. We will provide customers with a copy of our current Privacy Policy annually and if we revise our policy to allow for disclosure to additional parties, we will provide our customers with an updated policy before any such disclosure is made.

What Principles Guide LoanKin’s Privacy Policy?

Given the sensitive nature of your identity, contact details and financial data, Zimple appreciates how important it is to protect the information. We can also understand if you wonder why we request the information we do.

Our Privacy Policy is informed by the following principles:

  • LoanKin respects customers’ reasonable expectations to safeguard their personal information.
  • Collection, retention, usage and dissemination of customer information is limited to legitimate business purposes of LoanKin and its affiliates, and when lawfully permitted or necessary to comply with legal requirements or to complete a transaction requested by a consumer.
  • Notice, choice, access and security are the four underlying precepts of our information collection process.
  • LoanKin limits internal access to information to personnel having legitimate business reasons.
  • Technological innovations and improving standards for protecting privacy are foremost among Loankin’s objectives. If we believe new products, procedures or services will enhance customer information security; we will adopt appropriate security measures.
  • LoanKin will disclose customers’ information to unaffiliated third parties only for appropriate business purposes, when we have consent of the individual customer, or are obliged by competent authorities.
  • To guard against “downstream” or third-party disclosure of your NPPI, entities such as your financial institution and our business partners may be required by LoanKin to satisfactorily demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as compatibility with the LoanKin Privacy Policy. If we learn or believe that a third party poses a risk to your NPPI, we may contact you (and, if appropriate, regulators and law enforcement officials) to express that concern.

How Broadly Does Privacy Protection Extend?

LoanKin collects certain sensitive information to help us serve your financial needs, provide customer service, offer new products and services, and fulfill contractual, legal and regulatory requirements. The type of information that we collect varies according to the products or services that you request, and may include: (i) Information included on your application and related forms (such as name, address, phone number, social security number, credit card and bank account information); (ii) Information about your relationships with us (such as products or services purchased and payment history); and (iii) Information from other non-LoanKin sources (such as consumer credit reports). We are committed to protecting our customer’s NPPI. LoanKin takes a number of steps to comply with applicable laws regarding NPPI’s safeguarding. Protecting NPPI is a mutual responsibility. You should protect your LoanKin account number, password and login information. LoanKin cannot guarantee the security and integrity of e-mails. They are subject to interception as they travel over the Internet. LoanKin recommends you help ensure your own privacy by submitting confidential information over the secure online environment of our website established whenever you log in to LoanKin. LoanKin suggests customers and website visitors periodically review this Privacy Policy for revisions. While we do exchange certain information with our customers’ financial institutions (for example, LoanKin needs the routing number for direct deposit into a Lender’s bank account), we do so with express permission or as necessary to process the transactions our customers request. In short, information is properly shared between two financial institutions on behalf of the individual (a person already trusting LoanKin and the bank enough to be a customer of both institutions).

Loan For A Medical Emergency.

Health information merits heightened privacy protection, even more than financial data. If your loan is intended to help manage unexpected medical costs, and you’ve advised that fact to us, LoanKin will never divulge this matter in any manner which can be connected to you personally, unless we are required to do so by law.

LoanKin Permission Marketing Policy.

LoanKin delivers promotional and transactional emails to prospects and customers. Additionally, in order to provide you with innovative products and services that we believe may be of interest to you, we may from time to time share NPPI and other information we collect with affiliates of LoanKin. If you would prefer that we not share information about you with our affiliates or send you promotional email, you may email us at to let us know your preference. If you tell us not to share information about you with our affiliates, we will honor your instructions. Please note that if you choose not to hear from us, you will not receive offers about products and services offered by LoanKin and our affiliates that may be of value to you. If you decide that you no longer wish to subscribe to LoanKin broadcast emails, please follow the instructions that are located at the bottom of those e-mail messages in order to unsubscribe (opt-out).