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All the requested data is necessary to board your loan to our servicing system, and to activate your loan. Once you have submitted your form, a Promissory Note with your specific information will be generated and emailed to you automatically. LoanKin will retain your application, but will not process the loan until we have received a copy of the signed and notarized Promissory Note from the borrower has been received. When you are ready for your loan to be activated, please send us your signed Promissory Note via email to

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LoanKin's monthly service fee can be paid by either the borrower or the lender. If you check the box for "lender paid", then the fee will be withheld from the remittance/credit to the lender's account. If, as most of our customers do, you chose to have this be a borrower paid fee, please be aware of the following:

  • If using our convenient auto-drafting program, this fee will be automatically included with the amount debited.
  • If the borrower decides to send payment via check through the mail, or their bank's bill pay service, borrowers must include this fee with each payment. If you do not include your service fee with your payment, we will be unable to process your payment.

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Monthly Auto-Debit

We encourage you to follow the lead of over 90% of our customers, and use our convenient auto-debit program. With this program you are able to choose the specific day each month you wish your payment to be drafted. (Draft date must fall within your grace period). LoanKin will draft your contractual payment amount, and can even be customized to allow you to add additional payments to principal each month. Please be aware that we can only draft from a checking or a statement savings account; please verify your account type with your bank.

Check/Online Payment/Other

For those unable to take advantage of our auto-debit program, we offer many flexible ways to submit your payment. You can mail a check, make an online payment, or even make a payment over the phone. All payments received by 3:30 PM EST will be posted the same business day!

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 Monthly Auto-debit
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** The date of the draft can not be
        later than the grace period
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Monthly Amount:  Regular Payment Only
 Regular Payment plus Principal

ACH Process Terms & Conditions

I authorize LoanKin, hereinafter called the "Company", to deduct the total payment due from my checking account. Payments will be drafted on my due date unless otherwise specified. I agree to maintain sufficient funds in my checking account to enable the Company to make this debit. If sufficient funds are not available on the draft date I understand I will be charged a $40.00 insufficient funds fee, which will be collected with my next payment. I further understand that the following month's draft will not occur until my account is brought current and that therefore I must make alternate arrangements to make up a bounced payment.

I understand that I am responsible for informing LoanKin of any changes to my banking information. If a change needs to be made and/or I wish to change the bank account from which my payment is drafted, I understand that I must provide LoanKin fifteen business days written notice.

Also, I understand that I may terminate this agreement by giving LoanKin fifteen (15) business days written notice prior to the next payment date.

I agree to the terms & conditions for monthly auto-debit payments.

Secondary Borrower

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Remittance Terms and Conditions

LoanKin remits borrower payments to lenders twice per month. Our remittance cycle is as follows:

  • Payments received between the 2nd and the 15th of the month are remitted on the 26th of that month;
  • Payments received between the 16th and the 1st of the following month are remitted on the 11th

Please take the above remittance cycle into account when agreeing to your borrower's draft date.

LoanKin will automatically deposit to the lender's account, once per month, any payments made by their borrowers. LoanKin can only deposit funds into a checking or statement savings account. Please be sure to check with your bank, prior to providing LoanKin with your bank depository information, to ensure that your deposit account will accept incoming credits. By signing this agreement, Lenders agree that no payments will be forwarded unless a full contractual payment is made and there are no outstanding fees on the account (such as insufficient funds fees, service fees, etc.). Lenders also agree to inform LoanKin in writing no less than 15 business days prior to a change in their banking information. A simple change of bank information form is available on our website for your convenience.

I agree to the terms and conditions for remittances.